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Patrick Sullivan, Sculptor


2022 - 24 Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, Art Currents 2022: O'Keefe 8&9, Nootka Marble, 3 feet high, 150lbs each
2022 - 23 Art Around Town, Carbondale, Colorado: Jury selected winning sculptor exhibit Last Love replica,

Carerra marble & O'Keefe 11 3 feet high

2022 - 24 Art Around the Corner, St. George, Utah: Jury selected winning sculptor exhibit, O'Keefe 6&7.

Carerra marble 40 inches high, 2001bs.

2021 - 22 Thomas Lake Park, Eagan, Minnesota: One of 3 jury selected finalists, 32 entries,

$23,000 project budget
2021 Outdoor Interactive Sculpture Celebrating Chin Culture public art project. Lewiston(Dallas) Texas.
One of 8 jury selected shortlist artists, 39 entries, $100,000 project budget

2021 Private commission memorial sculpture, colorado marble, Squamish BC., $2000
2020 Prospectus# 254 US Native and lndegenous AMists Purchase Initiative - Finalist, Santa Fe, Mexico
2020-22 Oregon Art In Public Places Artist Roster, Oregon Art Commission
2019 Art On Loan Silver Box Project. Sandpoint, Idaho USA. O'Keefe Carerra Marble
2018 - 2019 Art 2 Con Havana - Aurora, Colorado, "Last Love'' Red Granite 3 ft high, 5001bs
2018 - 2019 Broomfield, Colorado: 2018 Art for awhile Public Art Last Love, Carerra Marble
2017 - 2018 Sculpture St. John, New Brunswick, Canada International Stone sculpture symposium
August/September 2018 one of 8 Jury selected sculptors from 175 applicants.
Realized Last Love 8 for the City of St. John (Queens West Park) $700,000 project budget
2017 9/11 First Responders Memorial. Indio, California, one of 4 Jury selected finalists, 22 applicants
$103,000 project budget
2016 Jury selected commissioned sculptor: Tulsa, Oklahoma. Vlsion 2025 Route 66 Howard Park Public Art

Project, Route 66 1, 2 & 3

2017 Realized in 3 ten ton blocks of Indiana Limestone on site at the City ofTulsa Oklahoma Waterworks Art
Gallery $100,000 project budget
2016 Jury selected purchase, O’keefe 5, Carerra Marble 3 ft high, Prospectus #241 Acclaimed Artist

Series, Collection state of New Mexico. Permanently sited, Silver City,
New Mexico University, New Mexico. $8,500 project budget
2015 - 2017 Hood River Oregon, public art competition. 'Big Art Sculpture Walk' Jury selected sculpture ‘Last Love'

Carrera Marble, 3 ft high, 200 lbs Purchased by the Best Western Plus Hood River Inn
$7,500 project budget
2015 - 2018 Redmond, Oregon, 'Art Around The Clock' public art competition juried selected sculpture, Last Love

Red Granite 3 feet high 300lbs.

2015 - 2017 Sheridan, Wyoming, public art competition Jt1ry selected sculpture Last Love Carerra Marble,

3 ft high 200 lbs,

2014 - 2018 Salt Lake City Arts Council, Utah, USA: Pre-qualifled artist pool.
2014 - 2018 Jury selected Winning sculptor "Art Around The Corner" Public Art Competition. St. George. Utah, USA.
2014 Jury Selected Short List Artist - Farhang Foundation: A Shared Dream. Public Art Project. Los Angeles,
California $300,000 project budget
2014 Jury selected sculptor: Alameda County: Eastbay artistic enplancement/ pre-qualified pool of artists.
2013 Jury selected finalist/winning commissioned sculptor in the Tulsa. Oklahoma; Traffic Engineering
Facility Public Art Project "Last Love 7" 2014 Realized In a; 10' x 4' x 3' 10 ton block of Indiana Lime
stone. Completed on-site: Guthrie Green Park $25, 000 project budget
2011 Winning Entry Jury Selected Commission Sculpture - Regional Transportation Commission of Southern
Nevada (Las Vegas) International 2013 Public Art Competition Centennial Hills Transit Center -
Public Art Concept 'Motion’. 9'h x 4.5'w x 2 5', 8Tons. Realized on-site: Permanently installed June
2013. $1.1 million project budget

2012 Cemetery Memorial Private Commission, Black Basalt. Langley, BC, Canada

$1200 project budget
2010 "Vandalia Chiseled'' Stone Sculpture Symposium, Public Art Commission Vandalia Ohio, USA. Top 5
Stone Sculptures in America. One of five selected finalists commissioned to complete a public
sculpture. 9ft high 6 ton Indiana limestone “Last Love 6" (September 2010). Realized on-site Winning
entry in a USA national competition. $100,000 project budget
2009 'Connections' Whistler Olympics 2010 Winning Entry in Regional Public Art Competition, Whistler, BC,


2011 Finding approved to $50 000. Not realized as Whistler Public Art Committee declined,public art proJect.
$110,000 project budget.
2008 'Bridgeheads' 8 piece public stone sculpture. Permanent installation in Whistler Village Centre, 'Last

Love 2-5’

2009 Each piece approximately 1 ton. Public art competition, winning entry, commissioned by Resort Munici
pality of Whistler BC. Canada. Sited in front of the award-winning Leeds certified Whistler Public
Library. $40,000 project budget



2007 'Aphrodite' Texas Limestone 2 feet high 100 lbs Permanent art collection of the City of West

Vancouver. British Columbia, Canada.

2007 Public Art Commission, Resort Municipality of Whistler BC Canada; ‘Owari' two chairs, one table
carved from 2600 lbs of Whistler Black Basalt. Sited 1n Whistler Village Center, completed in Santa
Fe. NM. $18,000 project budget

2006 The Neighborhood Valley Trail Public Art Project, Whistler BC, Canada ‘Last Love' 5 ton block of Blue

Verona Italian marble. Hand sculpted at a public worksite along Valley Trail. Permanently
sited in Whistler Creek, completed in 3 months. Designed base work, sculpture placement and stone
mason, Public competition. Winning entry. $30,000 project budget

1994 Squamish Junction Slone Sculpture Park, Squamish BC Canada: Designed base work and sculpture
placememt. Worked with Municipal Council and Mayor to successful completion of permanent 6-piece
stone sculpture installation $50,000 project budget

1990 - 1992 Inner Circle Stone Sculpture Symposium. Britannia Beach BC Canada. Outdoor public stone sculpture

Sculptor/ Teacher/Manager

1987 Cemetery Memorial - Standoff Alberta, Canada, Blackfoot Reservation, Red Granite
$1,500 project budget

1985 The Coquitlam Scone Sculpture Symposium, Blue Mountain Park, Coquitlam BC Canada: Permanent
14 piece stone sculpture installation. 1987 Completed 10 public sculptures. Realized on-site. Sculptor/
Manager | Teacher $100,000 project budget
1983 Mountain Shadow Inn Burnaby, BC Canada: 1 Ton Grey Granite Boulder Sign. Sculpted on-site. 1
month proiect $1,500 project budget
1983 Simon Fraser University, Burnaby BC Canada. SFU Art Gallery project 'People’ 8 ton public stone
sculpture, Haddington Island, Andesite. 3-month proJect. Established on-going Visual Arts
Scholarship Fund. Completed on-site. $10,000 project budget
1980 International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Lahr, West Germany; boarded with 25 international sculp
tors for four months, creating public art from stone. Completed public Sculpture 'The Symbol' from a
three ton block of Carrera Marble from Italy. Hand Carved and permanently sited near Lahr City Hall.
Tills was the first public sculpture in stone in Europe by a Canadian born artist

$500,000 project budget
2022 Finalist Indio, California Second Entry Gateway Public Art Project (Last Love 9&10) $125 000
2023-24 Finalist 'Art On The Street', Lafayette, Colorado, OKeefe (Colorado Marble), 40 inches high, 2001bs
2022-27 Selected Artist, San Jose Multi-Artist Roster, San Jose, California. USA
2022 Selected Artist Prospectus #268 Southwest Artists Series Initiative, New Mexico, USA
2022 Selected Artist Prospectus #269 Western & Central USA Native & Indigenous Artists Purchase

Initiative, New Mexico. USA

2023 Pre-qualified artist roster. Sugarland, Texas, USA
2023 Abiquiu Inn Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition. Abiquiu, New Mexico
2023 Polygon/Lennox Publuc Art Project, City of North Vancouver. B.C.. Canada Shortlist Artist
$127,000 Project Budget

2023 'Roster Artist' City of Boynton Beach, Florida Public Art commission
2023 Shortlist Artist: Wylie, Texas - Wylie Municipal Walking trails History of the Blackland Trails Public Art

Project $80,000 project budget


1974 Fine Arts Program, Vancouver Community College, Vancouver BC; Studied stone sculpture, painting,

drawing, design, ceramics. art historY 1975/1977 and English.

1979 - 1981 Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Vancouver BC: Four year sculpture diploma/BFA- Sculpture


COLLECTIONS Public/Private

Private Collections: Canada, Germany. USA
Public Art Collections: Germany. Canada. USA


1980 Emily Carr College Of Art And Design, Vancouver, BC, Travel Grant To West Germany The Leon And

Thea Koerner Foundation. Vancouver BC, Travel Grant To West Germany

1981 British Columbia Cultural Fund, Senior Tuition Scholarshfp Grant; Emily Carr College of Art And Design

Coquitlam Fine Arts Council. Coquitlam BC. Grant For Construction Of Sculpture Stands
1982 The Coquitlam Stone Sculpture Symposium, Blue Mountain Park, Coquitlam BC. Challenge, 86,
Section 38 and Job Development Grants; Employment And Immigration Commission, Canada. The Leon
and Thea Koerner Foundation; Grant for Publication of Coquitlam Stone Sculpture Symposium

1985 Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC Canada. Purchase of 250 stone sculpture slides

for library archives,

1987 Emily Carr University of Art and Design purchase for library archives
"Patrick Sullivan - 30 Years of Stone Sculpture”, 3 CD documentary set.

1990 Man In Street Association, Tulsa Oklahoma, City of Tulsa Planning Deptartment Stone Sculptures in

Howard Park. Best Placemaking Project 2

2017 Route 66 1, 2 & 3
2018 Tero Certificate Cherokee Nation Certified Artist

2001 Public Library Art Gallery, Squamish BC I Stone Sculpture, Group Show 2002 - Plaza Galleries,

Whistler, BC I Stone Sculpture

2007 Artisan Art Supplies, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Workshop/Exhibit. Stone Sculpture.
2007/10/12 Convergence Contemporary Art Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA I Stone Sculptures. 2008 -

'Place Des Arts', Coquitlam BC I Stone Sculpture & Drawings, Solo Exhibit

2009 Leighdon Studio Gallery, Vanco ver. BC, Canada 'Force of Nature' Stone Sculpture & Paintings

(exhibit with Sharon Sullivan)

2010 Participant in Nudes for Breast Cancer Awareness Exhibit
2011 - 2012 Gateway Theatre Gallery - Stone Sculpture - Group Show, Richmond, 13C
2011 Datura Gallery - Kayenta Arts Center, St. George, Utah USA - Stone Sculpture
2012 Juniper Sky Gallery, Kayenta Arts Center, Stone Sculpture
2013 - 2014 Tom Ross Gallery, Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA- Stone Sculpture
2016 - 2017 Red Fork Art Gallery, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Route 66 Exhibit. Stone Sculpture and Drawings
2017 Inspire Art Gallery, Squamish, B.C. Canada, Stone Sculpture
2017 - 2018 Serenity House, Silver City, New Mexico: Stone Sculpture & Drawing
2018 Sculpture St. John NB Canada International Stone Sculpture Symposium 12 Stone Sculpture
2021- 2022 Studio Stone co-op studio - Stone Sculpture, Vancouver, B.C., Canada (working studio) 2013 - 2023

Marble Giflshop, Marble, Colorado, USA - Stone Sculpture
2023 Sunset Art Gallery, St.George, Utah, USA, Stone Sculpture

Patrick Sullivan, Sculptor.jpg
Patrick Sullivan Camille Claudel Sculpture_edited.jpg


"Camille Claudel (1864-1943) French Sculptress"

Patrick Sullivan, Sculptor

Green on White Colorado Marble - 2023
32" Height


Sculpture includes white marble stand



"Goddess Series"


Patrick Sullivan, Sculptor

Texas Limestone

1500.00 each or 5000.00 for set of 4



9 pieces in set

Carrera Italian Marble - 36x5.5

Patrick Sullivan, Sculptor




Patrick Sullivan, Sculptor

Carrera Italian Marble - 24x8.5





Patrick Sullivan, Sculptor

White Alabaster and glass - 10x7



Patrick Sullivan Her scupture.jpg



Patrick Sullivan, Sculptor

Carrera Italian Marble and glass - 9.5x12



Patrick Sullivan Twins Sculptures.jpg



Patrick Sullivan, Sculptor

2 Pieces

Carrera Italian Marble - 9.5x7.5 and 10x9.5

895.00 each or 1500.00 set of 2



Please call us for questions about Patrick Sullivan's Sculptures or to schedule a private showing.

1 (435) 673-1710

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