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Virginia Ginny Northcott artist

Virginia "Ginny" Northcott, Artist

Ginny's acrylic paintings are often described as, "whimsical and happy." They can brighten any space and bring joy to the room. Ginny is a happy and sweet lady. Her cheerful personality comes out in her art.

Ginny has lived in Southern Utah for twenty years. She has worked in and developed many art galleries in the area. She is an integral member of the Southern Utah's art community.

Ginny Northcott impressionism cactus acrylic painting

"Being A Cactus"

Ginny Northcott, Artist

Acrylic on Canvas - 40 x 30


Ginny Northcott impressionism joshua trees acrylic painting

"Joshua Hill"

Ginny Northcott, Artist

Acrylic on Canvas - 24 x 24


Ginny Northcott impressionism pearls and avocado acrylic painting

"Pearls and Avocado"

Ginny Northcott, Artist

Acrylic on Canvas - 30 x 30


Please call us for questions about Ginny Northcott's artwork or to schedule a private showing.

1 (435) 673-1710

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