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Call for local Artists

Welcome to the Sunset Framer & Art Gallery's Call for local Artists!

Sunset Framer & Art Gallery is in search of the next best local contemporary artists to be represented by our gallery. The type of paint styles we prefer is Impressionism, Expressionism, and Abstract/Abstraction. However, we encourage artists that work in other styles to submit their work for review as we’re often surprised by how creative and talented our local artists tend to be. We are particularly interested in artists that produce impressionistic paintings of the southwest, Native American culture, horses, bison, road runners and other desert birds as they are in high demand from our clients.

Preferable mediums, but not limited to: Oil, Acrylic, Gouache, Alcohol Ink, Watercolor, Pastel, cold wax, Pebeo, and mixed media including leafing, textiles, etc.

Looking for artists with these qualities:

•Currently lives in Saint George, UT or surrounding areas

•Actively creating new pieces

•Actively uses social media to promote their art on a regular basis

•Artist website preferred, but not required to be considered

•Is available to attend their shows/exhibitions/artist receptions

•Is reliable and is able to keep good communication with our gallery

•Is serious about growing their art career

•Artist can have years of gallery representation or no experience at all. Don’t be shy to apply if you’ve never shown your work. Everyone has to start somewhere.

You are welcome to visit our gallery to check out our other artists, but we don’t accept walk-in submissions as it severely interrupts our daily workflow. We’d prefer to receive questions via email at rather than by telephone for the same reasons mentioned above. Thank you.

We are located in the Phoenix Plaza at 929 W. Sunset Blvd. Suite 2, Saint George, UT 84770. 

Guidelines for artists and their art to be considered for our gallery

Before applying to be a represented artist in our gallery, please make sure to read each item carefully of what's expected of you and how your art needs to be presented.

  • Artist must be 18 years of age to enter into an artist-gallery representation contract. If the Artist is under 18, a parent/legal guardian may sign the contract on behalf of the artist minor.
  •  Artist must not be under contract with another commercial gallery within a 50 mile radius or as stipulated by their existing contract. If the artist-gallery contract is expiring within 30 days, the artist may apply to our gallery. An artist that is only showing in an Artist Guild or society, school or Co-op gallery, or museum is allowed to apply without restriction.
  • Upon representation, the Artist must be willing to provide a biography and a digital photo to the gallery for the promotion of their art
  • Upon representation, the Artist must provide the gallery digital copies of  high quality or professionally taken photographs of each of their pieces; both unframed and framed (if applicable). Many artist guilds offer this service or can recommend a photographer that is skilled in taking photographs of art for a nominal fee.
  • Artist must have a formula (justification) for the retail price of their art. Most artists that are starting out use the price per square inch method plus the cost of framing (if applicable). Google this method for the formula. There are many videos on YouTube that offer a detailed explanation that might be helpful. Pricing artwork, especially when you're starting out is a common thing artists struggle with. It's best to have a formula and work from there. If you're an established/professional artist that does not use the price per square inch method; auction results, art appraisals, or proof of the last 10 retail sales for similar pieces, same size, and medium can be acceptable to set a retail price of your art. If we decide to represent you, we will discuss this issue in further detail. 
  • Artwork must be originals (no prints, giclees, etc.) created in the last 2 years or have the relevance as such or not include a date that exceeds two years on the signature block. We prefer that our artists do not include a date on their signature block.
  • Artist should have a minimum of five pieces of art available and created in the last 2 years to be considered for immediate showing. If you don't have at least five pieces of completed art, you may still apply with a clear explanation as to when you'll have at least five pieces completed.
  • Your five piece collection should be consistent in nature. Meaning that the five pieces must look like they have been produced by the same artist with a similar style, medium, and presentation. We understand that you may have a stand out piece or paint in a variety of mediums. For example, you may specialize in Acrylic paintings and charcoal drawings. Your five piece collection needs to consist of all Acrylic or all charcoal drawings, not a mixture of both. In the future, your unique piece can be integrated into your collection. However, when a gallery presents a new artist, collectors want to see a consistent style that makes your art unique.


In a co-op gallery, art fair, school show, on-line sale, or any other circumstance where the artist sells directly to the buyer, the artist is responsible for any issues that may arise regarding the quality of the art, construction of the stretcher bars and framing, etc. When art is sold in a commercial gallery, the gallery is  responsible to the buyer for quality issues if problems arise. Therefore, it's vital that your art, including framing, meets a  certain standard of quality that makes it gallery ready. Furthermore, a commercial gallery has to uphold certain aesthetic standards in regards to the presentation of art to buyers.
Please carefully read the following requirements to make sure your art is gallery ready. If you have questions or don't understand the terms used, you're welcome to contact the gallery for assistance using the contact email that can be found below. We understand that seeking commercial gallery representation is a new and unknown experience for an artist. We're here to help you suceed in your art career.
  • Unframed gallery wrapped canvases (1.5"-2" depth) must have the painting continued on the sides. No white, unfinished canvas sides. No painted black on the sides or any other solid color that isn't part of the painting. The whole point of a gallery wrap is that the painting is continued on the top, sides, and bottom of the canvas. If you've already painted the sides black and can't repaint the sides, the canvas must be framed. Staples must be on the back of the wrapped canvas and not on the sides. No exceptions! All art will be inspected upon arrival for quality.
  • Art painted on cradleboard with natural wood showing on the sides may be acceptable. Art will be inspected and given an approval or disapproval upon arrival.
  • Float framed gallery wrapped canvases must be professionally framed (or the appearance of) without nicks, bad corners, damage, and art must recessed at least 3/8 of an inch. Art must be mounted with equal spacing all the way around the piece. All framed art will be inspected upon arrival for quality. No poly (plastic) frames or readymade frames from Michael’s, Ikea, etc. 
  • .5” canvases and art on board must be framed in a frame (no exceptions) that covers the entire canvas side. No .25” depth frame on a .5” canvas. Canvases must be professionally stretched and framed (or the appearance of) with wood or metal frames. No poly (plastic) frames or readymade frames from Michael’s, Ikea, etc. 
  • Framing requirements for all non canvas, board, or cradleboard art. All art must be mounted properly with acid free framer’s tape or conservation corners, framed using acid free mats, acid free foamcore backings (no cardboard), conservation glass or acrylic (museum glass or optium museum acrylic preferred) without scratches, and be professionally framed (or the appearance of) with wood or metal frames. Frame style, finish, and color must be appropriate for contemporary art. No poly (plastic) frames or readymade frames from Michael’s or Ikea, etc. All frames must be without nicks, bad corners, damage, or visible glue seeping from corners. All frames will be inspected upon arrival for quality.
  • If you paint on a unique surface that hasn't been mentioned, please include an explanation in your application including photographs. All art must be on acid free surfaces to be accepted into our gallery. For example: No painting on cardboard or non-treated newspaper. 
  • All art hangers must be wire mounted 1/3 of the way down from the top of the canvas. Example: If the height of the piece is 21 inches, the wire must be mounted 7” down from the top. No eyelet or sawtooth hangers. D-ring hangers with wire are required for our gallery hanging system. Please put wall bumpers on the two bottom corners. We can add hangers and bumpers for $10 per piece of art if you don’t have a way to do it yourself. 
  • We understand that framing art properly can be an investment. However, to be shown in a commercial gallery, your art must present well. Collectors want to take your piece home and hang it up. It is an artist myth that collectors want to remove a poor quality frame and pay a framer to frame it to their liking. Ready-made frames from Michaels or Hobby Lobby are fine for school and co-op galleries, but not for a commercial gallery that offers fine art. Plein air frames (closed corner frames of good quality) are often affordable and acceptable in a gallery. Just like any other business, the artist must invest in their product to fetch the best price. How your art is presented to a collector is the equivalent to how a business invests in a logo, marketing materials, office décor, and retail shop signage. Presentation always matters!

Why have Sunset Framer & Art Gallery represent me?

This is a very good question! The Sunset Framer has been a custom picture frame shop for 27 years. We have been located in the Phoenix Plaza for 25 of those years and have been an integral asset for artists and collectors in Saint George, Utah. Many local professional artists currently or have in the past relied on Sunset Framer to frame their works of art, stretch their canvases, and assist them with designing the perfect mats and moulding to accentuate their art. In the beginning of 2022, Sunset Framer expanded and doubled in size into the suite next door. We opened our contemporary art gallery to the community and artists of St. George. 

Our gallerist has been an art lover and avid collector for over 25 years. She has sought mentorship from current and retired successful gallerists for their expertise and advice. She comes from a strong business background through both education and experience. She spent decades attending artist receptions, visiting new and established galleries, and museum exhibitions in the bay area and Carmel-by-the Sea in California. She has a deep respect for artists and takes great care in handling and displaying their artworks. 

She is dedicated to not only providing the art collectors in St. George the best fine art there is to offer, but to building artist's careers.  To learn more about our gallery opening, please visit the St. George News article at

Ready to apply? Contact Us

Dear Artist,

We at Sunset Framer & Art Gallery are excited to see your work! Please include:

Full name

Phone (preferably a cell phone with texting capabilities)

Email address that you check often

Verify that you're a St. George, UT area resident


Please include a link to your artist website or social media for our staff to review your work. If you don't have either, please email photos of your work to  You must include the size, medium, and price of each artwork. You may include text information in your email or attach a PDF file, but we won't open any Word files due to virus concerns. 


We receive many requests for artist representation. We review each request as time permits. Please allow up to 4 weeks to hear back from us before checking in. Do not come into the gallery to apply or to ask if we've received your request as it severely interrupts our workflow.  You may email any questions that you have to Please make sure your questions haven't been already answered in the information presented on this page.

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Do you live in St. George, UT or surrounding areas?

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